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Friday, January 29, 2010

Refresh: Kijang Info by BNM

The Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coins

Malaysia is the 12th country in the world to issue its own gold bullion coin. The Kijang Emas now joins the ranks of other international gold bullion coins.
The design of the obverse of the Kijang Emas depicts a barking deer ("kijang") in its natural habitat in the Malaysian jungle. The reverse side features the hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia.

1 Troy ounce

Face value: RM200

Gold Purity: 99.99%

Standard weight: 31.105g

Diameter: 37.00 mm

1/2 Troy ounces

Face value: RM100

Gold Purity: 99.99%

Standard weight: 15.550g

Diameter: 28.00 mm

1/4 Troy ounces

Face value: RM50

Gold Purity: 99.99%

Standard weight: 7.780g

Diameter: 22.00 mm

The purchase and reselling price of Kijang Emas is determined by the prevailing international gold market price. The daily market price is posted on the BNM web site.

The Kijang Emas is minted by the Royal Mint of Malaysia and distributed by Maybank Berhad, which will also entertain further enquiries.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Menerima belian dengan Dinar dan Dirham

Kami di Sax-Gold Ent menerima pembayaran dengan penggunaan Dinar dan Dirham.
Beberapa item akan digunakan secara berperingkat bagi memertabatkan
penggunaan matawang Islam di dalam urusan jual beli.
Buat permulaan beberapa item boleh dibayar dgn Dinar dan Dirham

Penimbang Emas hanya 12 Dirham

Teropong emas (kanta) hanya 1 dirham

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Program Tukar Goldbar kpd Rantai tangan

Program Tukar Goldbar kepada
Rantai Tangan 916 Baru
Masih lagi berjalan dgn lancar

Sila dapatkan informasi
daripada Rakan Niaga
berdekatan anda


Tel: 019 2642849

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's Driving the Gold & Silver Prices Now?

The gold market changed dramatically in 2009 and thanks to GFMS we now have evidence of these changes. The main features of these changes are: Mine production was up by 6% in 2009. Supply of gold scrap was up by 27%. Jewelry demand was down by 23%. World Investment jumped from 885 tonnes to 1820 tonnes, a year-on-year gain of 105%.

These are the cold facts, but what of the spirit in the market of gold and silver? It is this that counts because this gives us direction for the future of the gold price.

Mine Production

The rise in production in 2009 will now turn to a fall in production in 2010. As the major reserves of the world are depleted [can you believe that South Africa once produced 1,000 tonnes a year and now is down to 220 tonnes] and replacements ore bodies very rare, we can expect global production to fall. Even with China's production on the rise, unless there are major discoveries, there will be no rise in the global production totals. And bear in mind that it can take 5 years before a new mine delivers gold to the market.

Gold Scrap Supply

A rise of 27% in scrap sales of gold was due to record prices. By its very nature it is the change of ownership of gold from holders used to lower gold prices believing that gold prices cannot hold, to owners who believe that they will hold and or rise in the future. When you find that the new owners are the world's most important money institutions, traditional investors who hold bullion itself and new entrants to the gold market in the East, then know that this shift in ownership, far from being a danger to the gold price is a very healthy change in the fundamental structure of gold investors. Even now these major investors are poised to enter the gold market, we suspect on any dips in the price.

Investment Demand

Even this has changed remarkably in its nature over the last year. The cold fact is that demand overall rose 105%.
In the financial markets of the developed world there is a mindset that believes that the purpose of investment is to make a profit. Western markets in particular have that attitude to the gold market. But the gold market is far more than that and has been since gold was first considered valuable. With that in mind we now take a look at the nature of investment demand:

source: Julian D. W. Phillips, 01/22/2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gambar Koleksi Dinar

Dinar Muslim dan Dinar Kelantan


Sax-Gold Ent

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dapatkan Rantai tangan baru 916 dgn Harga Tawaran

Dengan serendah 100 gm, anda boleh membeli Rantai tangan 916 baru
dengan harga Istimewa

Harga mengikut Harga PBGIA

Selling Price

Dalam berat 10gm. 15 gm dan 20 gm

Anda Mesti Pilih

Dinar Muslim sudah berada di Pasaran Kota Bharu

Makluman rakan2 semua.
Dinar Muslim
 boleh di dapati di Kota Bharu
 mulai hari ini.
Sila hubungi Sax-Gold Ent
di talian
019 2642849

Harga adalah mengikut web

SAX-GOLD at Mudah.Com

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