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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Price of Gold in Dollars (Record High), Euros (-10%), and Yen (-10%)

The price of gold closed at record highs today exceeding $1,040 per ounce throughout the day. While gold is at record highs in dollar terms, the commodity is still down 10% from its highs when priced in Euros and Yen. As shown in the charts, the price of gold is up considerably over the last five years, but the recent run has only been strong in dollar terms. This indicates that the strength is solely a function of a weaker dollar rather than any real pickup demand

**P/s : Adakah bermaksud harga emas naik ini hanya bersifat semantara?
Any comment???


  1. Great point! There is no demand pick up for gold the metal and its use in jewelry and other industrial products. Consumer demand remains weak.

    It is purely speculative demand and its inverse relationship to the weaker dollar that is driving gold prices higher

  2. The purpose of "all time highs" is to reduce gold demand. At the present time investment demand from China and the rest of the world is rapidly expanding. As inflation actually materializes that demand will become insatiable. When inflation is high and prices are going parabolic, that will be the time to get out of gold. Look at the charts from 1977-1981 for a guide.

  3. Is that not exactly why we own Gold. To protect purchasing power against a spendthrift government

  4. Kitco has introduced the gold index to actually show whether the price movement is the result of us dollar movement or actual value of gold. Read it here:


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