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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why China has gone crazy for gold.

In April, for examplegovernment's Foreign-Exchange Agency announced the purchase of an additional 16 MILLION ounces for state coffers. And just a few months earlier, National Geographic Magazine reported that for the first time China had surpassed the U.S. as a buyer of gold jewelry. But here's the amazing thing few investors realize...

Behind the scenes, in a move that has gone almost completely unreported in the Western press, the Chinese government has created a gold investment that could dwarf the returns of gold bullion, ordinary gold stocks, or any other type of gold investment you've heard of before.

I wouldn't be surprised if you see gains of 1,000% or more. I realize that may sound impossible, but consider... This is not the first time Beijing leaders have secretly created such an opportunity:

In the late 1990s, the Chinese government created two similar investments. One (to help the local insurance industry) went up more than 625% in just a few years... the other (to aid the energy sector) has gone up about 1,084% over a similar period. But this is the first time Chinese officials have intervened in this way in the gold markets—and I expect the result will be a windfall for savvy investors over the next few years.

After all, gold is one of the only "buy and hold" investments in the world right now. It is also the only investment in the world that has gone up EVERY YEAR for the past five years straight. And, remember, China remains the fastest-growing economy on the planet, with the wealthiest government on Earth.

The point is, if you are interested in an extremely lucrative way to own gold, right alongside the Chinese government, this is something you should consider. I can just about guarantee you will not hear about this opportunity in any mainstream media publication. I heard about it only because of a contact in the industry, who met recently with officials in Beijing.

Brian Hunt,

Editor in Chief, DailyWealth

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